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"Out of the box, Microsoft SharePoint has a very rich set of features, but sometimes you need more, or something a little different, to meet the needs of your project. This article will discuss various methods of presenting the UI for SharePoint list forms, such as the New, Edit, and Display forms used when adding an item to a list, or viewing and editing items."

This include modifications of Create form / edit form by adding a user control


By setting an applicative page as the new form / Edit Form..


To activate the feature :

1. Activate site collection feature named "Code Project List Forms Demo"

2. Create a list based on the list definition named : "CP Project Redering Template Def"

3. The create form will contain the text from the user control "UserControl1" that you can customize, and also from : CPRenderingTemplate (which is the template of the form with save button etc)


3. Create "CP Project App Page" to customize the form though an applicative page

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